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C-reactive Protein - TIME Magazine article


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C-reactive Protein - TIME Magazine article

CRP info is critical to your heart health.
Act on that info today!What you may not know,
and your doctor isn’t telling you!!!  
    TIME MAGAZINE _ Feb 23, 2004 
In this landmark issue of TIME Magazine regarding  INFLAMMATION, we learn  that half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels. Not only that,  but as imaging techniques improved, doctors found, much to their surprise, that the most dangerous plaques weren't necessarily all that large. Something that hadn't yet been identified was causing those deposits to burst
triggering massive clots that cut off the coronary blood supply.
By 1997, Dr. Ridker and colleagues at Brigham and Women's, with their study on
silent inflammation,
had shown
through extensive research using the highly sensitive C-Reactive Protein blood test, that healthy middle-aged men with the highest CRP  levels were
3 times as likely  to suffer a heart attack in the next six years as were those
with the lowest CRP levels. Eventually, inflammation experts determined that having a CRP of 3.0 mg/L … or HIGHER  can
triple your risk of heart disease.
The danger seems even greater in women than in men.
By contrast, folks with extremely
 levels of 
CRP  ( less than 0.5 mg/L )
RARELY  have heart attacks

99% of people utilizing the “whole-fruit” original mangosteen juice realize a lower CRP in 30 days. Our CRP is in the 0.5 range right now.  There is not a prescription drug on the market ( at least not one we know of ) that will lower your CRP like that!!!
We’ve learned that results from the Mayo Clinic’s study are way in our favor as well.

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